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No Ports Permitted in Tactical Rifle?


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The 2004 USPSA Rifle Rules US Appendix D2-14 states compensators with a maximum of 1.00" diameter and 3.00" length are permitted in Tactical Rifle, but D2-15 states that ports are not permitted.

As the rules appear to me, it would be illegal to port an otherwise plain barrel, even if the diameter of the barrel was no larger than 1.00" and the series of holes/slots didn't not extend more than 3.00" behind the muzzle.

If so, where is the distinction made? Is a compensator required to be a separate device from the barrel? If you cut 3" off a barrel, then machine that 3" piece into a comp, and thread it back onto the barrel it is now legal?

This is legal, but this is illegal?

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Yes you have discovered another dumb rule. Because holes drilled in barrel at the end, and screw on comp amount to the same thing.

I guess they don't want people porting the barrels further back like poppel holes. But I have yet to see anybody for any reason drill the barrel looking for higher pressures.

Maybe because with rifle your looking for recoil reduction on the horizontal plane not vertical.

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I'd suggest emailing John Amidon and asking for an interpretation on that. I suspect that porting an area less than 3" from the end of the muzzle might be considered no different than a 3" comp, but... John would be the one to make an official ruling.


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