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STI's Contingency Program


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Since I was already shooting two STI based guns I decided it was smart money to buy a shirt and sign up....now I'm really glad that I did as I won my class at Area-2.

I was told that STI spent something like $35K on this program in the past year....that seems like a pretty good size chunk of change for a company of their size. I don't dislike the other choices out there, but it's going to be hard to go with another brand after being on the receiving end of their generosity.

Thanks STI for a cool program! :cheers:

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I already had the guns, wearing the shirt and decided to sign up just this past week and now that I won my class as well at A2 I get to enjoy as well.

Thank you STI and the rest of the shooting industry who support the sport for the little guy as well.

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:cheers: Very Cool

My letter to STI is not ready yet, But> I did do a bit of my part and helped work some at Thunder Mountain table with the STI layout =

I think I have a young lady ready to go with a new STI open gun.

I do my part for STI and steer new members to the them. and a custom Gunsmith. I can think of 7 real quick that I know of for certain that went to STI with my gentle push / heavy push.

You get a cool patch to put on your bag too that says Contingency Winner

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