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  1. AZ38super


    I have no problems like that with mine. Check you Anti-Virus settings, maybe it is doing a scan first.
  2. I saw someone who went 165.07 after using 6 rounds to get that much.
  3. I know everyone is excited about this years match and it promises to be another great time. The shooting squad list will not be available until you pick up your registration information. Please be patient until then as the staff is very busy with last minute match details and their own personal time as well. Thank You
  4. It all depends on how your poweder reacts to temp changes. My advice... Stop trying to just make major and make the load work for your gun. I made my loads around 171-173 pf but I found out one day testing loads if I added a tenth or two of powder to my load that my dot did not move or jump at all. Just making pf may not be the load you want to use....
  5. I had a dozen or better before they came out with 5 spot targets. I had a couple that were my favorites. 1) Shooting a new bow with brand new arrows, first 2 out of the bow. I stopped so there were no other arrows in the target. (barebow, no sights) 2) Carbons, can't remember brand, shaft didn't splinter and fletching matched up perfectly. 3) 50 yards in a 3-D tournament, my carbon inside another persons aluminum, only the point was showing. Great job, even though it's money wasted they are nice to hold on to.
  6. The competitor remains within 3 feet of the handgun at all times (except where the handgun is placed at a greater distance, under the supervision of a Range Official, in order to comply with a start position), and The provisions of Rule 10.5.2 do not occur, and The handgun is in the ready condition as specified in Section 8.1, or First question, Why was the RO not paying attention? Once they give the "Make Ready" they are and need to be in total control at all times. It is a fault on the RO because he was not under control of the shooter at the time. The RO should have been able to stop the shooter, period.
  7. My great grandmother smoked and drank everyday...all day and she lived to be 93 and passed away of natural causes. (old age) When she got older we moved her closer to us so we could watch her more and my mom got her to cut back a little but we knew if we forced her to stop her body would most likely go into shock. Each person is different, but if they are happy in life then let it be. I lost my dad at 62 and he didn't smoke and rarely drank. Just be happy and enjoy time with them while they are still here.
  8. AZ38super

    Cat or Demon

    My cat gets pretty close to that when you put him in a car, he thinks he is going to the vet then he gets worse at the vets. Hasn't been to one for a few years now because of that.
  9. I am the second owner of a Frank Glenn built gun. Not as pretty as the new ones but it "Runs like a champ".
  10. Even though I don't care for Mac's as a whole I thought I would share this with you that do. Know anyone that's a Mac User? Then let them know that malware researchers have discovered what appears to be the first Mac OSX botnet, aka MacBot or iBotnet and its receiving a substantial amount of industry and media interest. Early estimates suggest that thousands of people have unknowingly downloaded the infected files. Don't let yourself be one of them... In a nutshell the botnet is launching a number of malware variants inside pirated copies of popular Mac based software in order to take control of the infected Mac machine. First and foremost make sure that you and your fellow Mac users, exercise caution, have Mac specific security software installed and that your existing version of iAntiVirus is up to date
  11. Who needs YouTube when we can see it live...
  12. AZ38super

    My cat

    Mine has done the door handle thing for years now, also knows to pull from underneath to get them open, he also does cabinet doors and bifolds and can pull open drawers as well.
  13. I know when we used a chrono indoors for archery we had to diffuse the light as the chrono picks up the flicker in the bulbs no matter what type is used.
  14. seemed fine to me even with "candy" Sure you don't have a "bug" in your computer.
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