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homeless vets


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today's paper had a statement that a fourth of the homeless today are veterns, and that many are from current wars, that many return home and find their wifes gone and no job to return too. What in the hell is wrong with today's women? :mellow: when I was a young man :rolleyes: , and went to do my country's bidding, I was gone many times for long terms and short turns at home, my wife was left with a young child to raise just about on her own ( today he's major in the army), he turned out fine, and her and I are reaching our 30th wedding anniversary, I realize that a lot of them today are reserves and did'nt figure on going But You signed the papers and weather she knew it or nots she signed the papers with you. And how in the hell can so many employers get away with breaking federal law by not giving the vet his job back after his return??? :angry2:. I had no job to return to and came back cold and had to retrain, their are programs both state and federal for vets, but many are not told of them by the military or the v.a., I know the horror of war, being shot at, and see childrens and country men died for what seems like no end in sight. But I returned intact many of today vet because of the way's of the terorise fight (and yes we did teach them), return with no arms, no legs and no hope. I do not now myself what I would have done I've this had happened to me, my son had two trips to lrag and one to afg. before he returns state side, and now we have something in common that we can talk over between each other, that the wife's know nothing about. Maybe that's part of the problem, most wife's donot know anything except what the media puts out, which is not the whole truth. With all the differnt org's and different progams of today's world, something can be done and must be done for the homeless veterns.

thank-you for listening to mindless rambling, of a old war horse. :cheers:

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Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty attacked this topic (homeless or otherwise uncared-for veterans) this afternoon on CNN, and the e-mail responses during this time would've warmed your heart with their blood-boiling vehemence. It's a national (if not international by now) scandal how badly our vets are treated. It's downright insane, in fact.

No, it's not "mindless rambling", it's a rant that's spilling over repeatedly now in all quarters and with well-deserved intensity. Criminy, even the most casual civilian observer is now outraged about this crap. :angry2:

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