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  1. I have two, the XDM 40 s&w plus the XDM 45acp these are great shooting pistols after many rounds I would not part with either so yes buy her one
  2. have had mine for years, rebuilt by dillion twice, if all you want is pistol rounds than it is what you want. just my 2 cents
  3. if all you intend to reload is pistol cal. the get a SDB the dies are a little bit more money because dillon is all that will fit, but that is only drawback
  4. same here bought a kitchen cab. from lowes and installed a counter top, bolted to wall and floor. Solid and don't move
  5. This just seems silly, if you're old like me the recoil alone would be painfull
  6. HODGDON reloading manual dated 2004:show s max. load at 4.7gr. vel:903 at 33,600 psi, and col of 1.125", I would cut in 10% and start up while using a chrony
  7. other than trying clocks which just did'nt fit my hamhock hands (nothing against them). I was always steel 1911 fan, tried xd45 when they first came out then xdm45 and last one bought xdm40 s&w and I'm in love with them all, blade-tech holsters work with them, never a problem with any of them with factory ammo, only with reloads till I got that worked out on them. Loading up now to try to return to isps comp. next year wife wants a s/w mp in 9mm to carry, we'll see how she like that and get back to ya. good luck
  8. buy one and don't look back, had mine for years, loading both 45acp and 40 s&w, love every minute of it
  9. where did you get it at? can you go back to store and look at the "book" again or better yet buy one.
  10. I also will wait on mike and his team, nothing like a dawson product
  11. G+16


    what is the best holsters for, xdm40 and xdm45? Have both getting back in game this year, need for L10 and limited class, thanks for your help.
  12. Off line for a while , live happens. Jake has the right pistol marked, I emailed the owner and asked if he would concider offers and he will but I have not had time to call him and arrange to meet and look it over, the price do seem a little steep for a shooter, plus adding mag well,new barreling, beavertail, hammer If I get time to see can not get his price down I may have to pass. Thanks for all your input
  13. Thanks that's what I thought, but I'f been out of the game for a while , but everything goes right jumping back in next year, next question if I changed the barrel would this pistol still work for L-10 in usps?
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