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Need help with Adobe Flashplayer...

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I need to enable the Adobe Flashplayer and can't seem to find out how...I have searched what seems like everywhere. I hope someone could help! Earlier today it was shutting down my Internet Explorer- I downloaded the newer Flashplayer 9 and now it won't work, but IE does. Thanks in advance for your support!

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I decided to buy a new PC instead of build one like normal because of the deal I got on a screaming box with a 22" LCD and it came with Vista as well and Flash was working from the get go for me.

I am still trying to tranfer files and install program and I also added a second SATA drive with XP Pro as well to ensure programs working while I test them in Vista.

But so far I actually like Vista once I turned off the stupid security warning crap but only more time will tell.

I would try Adobe's web site at this point I can't help more as I don't have Vista at work.

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