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The Loss Of One Of The Good Guys


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A few days ago I got word that a local shooter and friend was ill. Saw him this past Saturday as we shot a local match. He was always the human sponge asking questions in his quest for improvement. He had zero ego and was just thier to shoot, have fun and help where he could. Not sure of Robbies age, my guess is late 30's. Well not knowing all the exact details and not wanting to type the whole event I'll just say that Robbie past away around 2:15 this afternoon.

He was truly a nice guy and as far as I know had no enemies.

Man it sure makes so much,

seem so little,

so fast.

Hey Robbie.....All Alpha's Brother, all Alpha's!

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Robbie lived in Houston for a bit and was a staple in the IDPA crowd. He was missed when he moved on to Florida, but we still saw him every once and awhile at a match. I'm was very sorry to hear of his passing. Way too young of a guy to "leave the range".

Not many in the shooting crowd knew it, but Robbie was also a great artist. He could draw and create stuff that was very cool.

Best wishes to his friends and family.


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