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  1. Recently found a nice used 686-2 that I've been using. My smith smoothed out the DA and installed a modern Smith thumb latch which is much better for speed loaders. It has an orange front sight insert which doesn't do much for my middle aged eyes. Going to spring for a machined in FO front next. This is my revo..
  2. I tried to quote the guy who said Dillon 1050 but it got lost somewhere. If you don't reload already that's the best way to get better. IMO
  3. I've used a lot of Extreme bullets and a lot of Bayou, Black & Blue Bullets Hitech coated. Accuracy wise I see very little difference between the coated and plated. What decides it for me is I use less powder with the coated bullet.
  4. I really liked the 135gr. Bayou bullet load I used in my non-comp super. I think I used 4.2 grains of VV N320 which functioned the pistol with the original 14# recoil spring. Using a 9# spring I could probably go with a lesser charge.
  5. I want to load some .38 Super to major PF. The pistol is a late 2013 Colt Government. Is it safe to do so in this pistol? Thinking about using a 160 gr. coated bullet. Powders on my bench: VV N330, 340. Thank you, 19852
  6. A 1911 would allow you to use your existing holsters and mag holders. The M&P is common enough so holsters, parts, etc. are easy to source. I really like my Dawson FO front combination with a 10-8 rear on my Colt Government.
  7. Slowest powder I've used with 9mm minor is VV N340. Had to go with 4.7 gr to get PF with a 125gr. Zero. It worked but I have since found faster powders work better. I like VV N320. I also have some N310 to experiment with.
  8. I was reading the Dawson Precision website and they recommended a #9 recoil spring for minor 9mm/.38 super. I also bought a Dawson aluminum recoil spring guide at $19.95 or so. It takes the place of a buffer and is intended as a sacrificial part. So far no issues with the rod and it has held up for about 1300 minor PF rounds. I found that the #9 spring and Froglube to be a poor combination. The Froglube became pasty/sticky and retarded the slide movement to the point of frequent failure to return to battery at around 750 rounds. Mine is a Colt .38 Super Auto.
  9. My best accuracy so far has been with Hornady .355 dia. 115 HAP bullets. I would like to try some of their 125 HAP's. Very good performance with Bayou 135's. But right now I get sufficient accuracy for the ranges I'm shooting using Black and Blue Bullets NLG 147's.
  10. I've had primers fall out of my loaded rounds before. Years ago I was at a match, I used to put my reloaded rounds in a zip lock baggie. I picked up the bag and noticed what looked like dirt in the bottom. It was unburned powder, I also noticed a couple of loose primers on the bottom too. They had just fallen out of the pocket. I remembered during loading that a few went in easy, too easy... Hasn't happened since.
  11. 4.2 gr. of VV N320 with a Federal magnum spp under an Xtreme 158 RNFP got me 121,000 out of a 4" barrel.
  12. Glockguy, Using a 160 gr Bayou Bullet I started with 3,8 grains of VV N320. It chrono'ed a little low out of my 3" barrel Smith so I bumped it up to 4.0 . I don't remember what it tested at velocity wise but it must have passed the 105,000 threshold out of a 4" test revo.
  13. My best was achieved with a Hornady .355, 115 HAP bullet and VV N320. OAL was 1.23 I think.
  14. I once had a 231 load that locked up my Colt .38 in 40 rounds due to unburned powder. I now use VV N320 for a clean burning load. I've shot 200 round matches and could have gone longer. Soot on the outside? Yes. But rather clean in the barrel, cylinder forcing cone area. No grains of powder evident.
  15. taadski, Unlike you I don't have to stay with the SIG but it carries so well and safely in my preferred AWIB carry position. It's also light but large enough to shoot well. I do try to train myself to slide the thumb over, it just hasn't been a reliable solution, so far...
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