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Getting Ready For A Match

George Oakes

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Hey gang,

I have been shooting USPSA/IPSC matches localy for 6 months now. I am ready to go to a state match, and maybe the Florida Open.

My question is this what kind of training/practice and checklists should i go over prior to a match? Local or national doesnt matter i guess but its important to me to have my i's dotted and t's crossed?

I will be doing 6 classifiers this sunday so if i can try something before then it would be great. If someone has already posted something similar, please point me to the correct thread/URL

Thanks again

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That takes care of the gun.

As for you. Make sure you show up early enough to get all your kit ready without feeling rushed. Fill out your paperwork then look after getting kitted up. Make sure you have everything you need in your gear bag.


spare parts (extractor, ejector, springs, slide stop pin, batteries if you need them)

cleaning kit

disassembly tools

hearing protection




pro grip


If it's a muti day match make sure you clean before you shoot each day (you and the gun :) )

If you know the stages, eg. the classifiers you are going to shoot, look them up on line or in the match book. Dry fire anything specific you will be shooting. Sitting draw, turning draws, high ports low ports, prone, reloads etc. If you know there is some thing you won't be doing eg, classifiers with no reloads, don't practice them. Save your focus for what you WILL be doing.

At the safety table do some dry draws to get everything set. look at the stages, pick a plan but be willing to change if nessessary.

Think happy thought and visualize all A's

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if you can afford it, a spare gun, built exactly like your primary will be a good idea. a major failure (barrel lug sheared off. i can think of worse :o but this will do for now) will require more than just spare parts to get it up and running again.

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