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Made an active choice in the dead of winter to improve/stop sucking.

m-f 100 rounds per day at lunch. Work mainly draws, strong/weak hand and focus on grip/stance/trigger prep with the intent on recoil control. Mix it up a bit with transitions etc.

Sat Or Sun. 400 rounds with drills out of Saul Kirches Perfect practice. Hit really good A's consistently, yet the speed on transitions from shot to shot and target to target has dropped off. Paid off on 60 point stages at local match.

After 3 weeks of this practice effort, I have high expectations considering the lack of tenure. Kind of blow at standing qualifiers but take first overall at the local match in the move and shoot stage with a no shoot. Tend to excel in the move and shoot.

Dont want to practice sideways, want to keep moving forward with improvement. Lay it on me. Oh, C shooter.


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Seems to have worked for Cheeley, He admits he isn't as good at the stand and shoots as the shoot on the moves.....

Me, I was just the opposite for a while (4 years) but somewhere in there it swapped and now I can't shoot either!!! :(;)

Good luck, get a good foundation and go from there.(and you must learn to trust what your eyes are telling you).


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