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Caramel Popcorn


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I know ,I know who doesnt Love Caramel Popcorn .

When I was a kid it was just my Mother and I for a long time with the occasional abusive boyfriend thrown in for giggles . But when it was just us we were Dirt Poor , like get nothing for Christmas , living in a Welfare apartment , collecting food stamps and wearing second hand clothing poor . The one thing I really remember was that my Mom and I would make home made Caramel Popcorn that was out of this world and then play Uno or Skip-Bo while eating it fresh , warm and gooey . It was the best Caramel Pocorn ever and was extrememly rich since it required 2 sticks of butter to make .

Well times change and I am a grown man with my own Family . Dirt Poor was over 25 years ago for my Mother and I (Oh there have been periods of poor but not "Dirt Poor") and I had almost forgotten how good that Caramel Popcorn tasted but when we visited my Mom and Stepdad on Christmas Lo and Behold there was a pile of Fresh , Warm and Gooey Caramel Popcorn sitting there for myself and my family to enjoy . I had almost forgotten the Good times in my childhood that were few and far between but man oh man was that stuff good .

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year . I gotta go make some Caramel Popcorn with my Daughters .

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Growing up Mom and Dad always seemed to be able to pull off a Christmas to remember. Now grown, I realize just what they had to do on occasion to make it all possible.

I remember my father telling me once of a Christmas he had as a child. His Father gave his Mother a Hersey Bar. That was it. the 30's were not a flush time for many. And isn't it wonderfull how over time the memories of the hardships fade and those of the special moments grow more vibrant?

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all.


I don't post this to be a me too, but rather to reinforce in my own mind and maybe to enlighten a few as to just how well off we are today.

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