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Halfassing The Shooting


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Shot a local match the other day...really shot it too fast...3 mikes in under 100 round match...lots of extra rounds fired..1 gun malfucntion and tumbling bullets...

NICE. :ph34r:

i came away feeling disgusted with myself.

checked the scores when i got in a day and a half later and was more disgusted that i still won.

really gotta keep my attention on the iron sights...the open gun is making me lazy. ;)

still kinda chaps me about the mikes and extra shots though.


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Before you get too hard on yourself, remember that other fared worse than you, obviously since you won, maybe it was a more difficult match than you thought. And by difficult, I don't neccessarily mean hard shots, there could be speed traps, or distractions. If you had three misses, how many did the other shooters have?

For example, look at the points on this stage (names modified to protect the innocent) nobody shot great points on a fairly high hf stage. So I suspect that this was a speed trap stage not a difficult shot stage

OPEN -- Overall Stage Results

October Level II

Printed October 9, 2006 at 13:57

Stage 2 -- Down The Line



1 108 12.91 8.3656 120.0000 100.00 4 Mike

2 93 13.70 6.7883 97.3747 81.15 6 , Doni

3 104 15.79 6.5864 94.4789 78.73 9 Silvano

4 96 17.66 5.4360 77.9766 64.98 45 David

5 107 20.16 5.3075 76.1337 63.44 32 Janko

6 99 19.35 5.1163 73.3902 61.16 10 Jim

7 77 15.36 5.0130 71.9090 59.92 11 Josko

8 62 13.44 4.6131 66.1723 55.14 3 Alex

9 93 20.94 4.4413 63.7074 53.09 7 Daniel

10 102 57.24 1.7820 25.5614 21.30 30 George

11 100 90.02 1.1109 15.9347 13.28 43 Pam

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perhaps... i was shooting iron sights on tight targets as fast as i would shoot them with my open gun...accepting a half-ass sight picture.

the tumbling bullets didnt help..

victory still felt hollow.


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First, fix the tumbling bullets - you simply don't know what the heck is going on until the equipment actually sends the BBs straight. Its quite possible that you were seeing acceptable sight pictures (and are now doubting it because of results), but the bullets aren't going where you aimed them. You say "misses" and "tumbling bullets" in the same sentence, and I'm like "Uh.... that would be expected" :D

As Pat and Mr. "I'm looking at his rear..." say above - you feel like you shot like crap, but you won. What does that tell you?? Sure, you've probably got some stuff to work on, but what else?? You're good enough, now, to win even when you're not on top of your game. And you can do it in a division you're not as current with....

I find when switching back to irons from the Open gun that I tend to stay target focused, so I make a game out of seeing the front sight and watching it move (which is easy, if you've been following a dot around). Its a trick of the day thing (even though that's what I'm supposed to be doing, but the focus switch is what I'm getting at), but it works for me... ;)

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bad leading problems with Titegroup and some black bullets in an aftermarket barrel...ive got another post about that...

i can attribute two misses of the three to bad bullets..third was just shooting too fast.

all the extra shots were just insurance.

when i told my co-workers about it they say" why shoot better? you won the match?" to which i say i did...but it was nasty.

Dave, i like watching the sights on a iron sighted gun ...and its easier after watching in perfect detail everything thats wrong with your shooting with the feedback from the reddot sight.

gotta get some practice in... Ive got a goal to meet.


BTW, thanks dave, ill be looking foreward to shooting waco in january.

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