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Junior Ear Muffs?


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My 1 year old son would like (I think, he can't talk yet) to come watch me shoot, but I need to feel comfortable knowing his ears are protected. I think Peltor makes a junior pair, but I wonder if there's a better pick out there.

I'm having trouble finding them anyway. None of the local shops have juniors in stock and Brownells doesn't seem to have kid-sized muffs either!

Help! :)

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I found what your looking for at Midway http://www.midwayusa.com

The junior ear muff is part number 276106

The junior eye protection is part number 117171

I just bought two of each earlier this summer for my twin 3 year old boys.

I know,,,, I'm starting a little late compared to you :P

Both muffs and eyewear fit my guys very well. Not sure about a one year old though. That's a pretty wee sized face and head to fit. There's a lot of time, and maybe you want to wait until he's at least capable of telling you if something like the muffs aren't working like they should. Believe me, he'll get there faster than you think!!!

Good luck.

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At Area 1 this year there was a couple from Norway with their infant. They had a pair of muffs from Pro-Ears that were infant sized. They must have worked incredibly well cuz that kid was simply crashed most of the time. Not even a flinch during the shooting.

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