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Randy Lee Da Only Hammer Report With Factory Ammo


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I have PC625 5" tuned with JM spring kit and powers bearings, nice gun. So I decide to take the Randy lee plunge.

I shoot factory ammo mostly wolff, so the caps are fairly hard.

What I found was the decrease in lock time is amazing, the release point on trigger is sooner, so there is more free travel after the release.

The decrease in hammer weight allowed me to back off my strain screw and lower my DA pull.

I found the angle cut on the DA sear/arm was greater than my factory unit. I found this also contributed to a nicer feel of the beginning part of the DA pull.

The unit was finished nicely and would drop right in and yield a decent pull. However I finished all my surfaces with my ceramic stone till you can see yourself. Then it got Slick.

I'm a happy camper

So is a TI cylinder worth it.

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HA! In the future all 625's will have Ti cylinders. B)

+1 to that! I love my Ti. I have never shot against Jerry so I don't know if my Ti cylinder will propel me even 1 % point nearer him, but I am getting some Titanium in a hip joint replacement this fall, so I guess I'll have those 2 things going for me if we ever meet in a match.

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When Jerry and those who are his equal use TI than TI will be worth it - maybe. Otherwise I am not so sure.

Seems like somebody posted a picture of Jerry's SpeciaLEE gun some months back. Anybody remember that?

Besides, if we all have to wait for Jerry M to use something before the rest of us can, there's something wrong with US.

Don't get me wrong, Jerry's a big deal, but I know 2-3 guys that are queued up to take Jerry, and they don't all do things exactly like he does. :lol:

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