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Rainier 9mm 115gr Rn And Titegroup Load Data?


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I tried 4gr and 4.5 gr with 1.100" OAL. The funky thing is that my SIG P226 then fails to slide lock on an empty mag. This doesn't happen with factory ammo.

What recipes are you using? Please provide:

1. OAL

2. powder weight

I already have 3000 rounds of Rainier 9mm, and a few pounds of Titegroup, so not looking to change those components.


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The charge is about right, though you have room to increase it. I'd load it longer as well. It should work at 4.5 grains.

Have you changed your recoil spring to a heavier one?

What kind of velocity are you getting at 4.5 grains?

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