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Da/SA no safety legality open uspsa

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I am trying to verify the legality of my build for OPEN division. A Double action single action gun with no safety. Or a decocker. I start in double action riding my hammer forward. Like a cz shadow 2. If I have to make safe. I drop magazine, show clear, hammer down holster. 

I cannot see any reason it would not be legal. If I don’t have an external safety it is not required even for a single action to holster when making ready? But I am da/sa. 


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It started life as a Beretta m9a3. Slide mounted safety. Went through many mods. It’s finally a m9a3 slide with a Toni systems open mount red dot mount. But had a slide from a 2024 92 gts. Which had a frame mounted decocker and nothing on the slide. I had to go safety less to use my mount because I woulda had to remove the frame mount every time to remove the slide for cleaning n such 

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