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The Vortex Optics "Rifle-Eros" Rifle Match

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The Vortex Optics Rifle-Eros Rifle Match will consist of 8 total stages with 4 medium(ish) courses of fire and 4 long courses of fire. Expect between 20 and 40+ rounds per stage.

Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/the-vortex-optics-rifle-eros-rifle-match/register

We will be running both AM and PM flights. You may compete in 1 entry per flight. AM Flight will run 8 stages roughly 8 am to Noon. PM flights will shoot roughly 1 pm to 5 pm. A brief awards ceremony will follow at the conclusion of the match.
Scoring will be 2 hits on paper or 1 A-zone/Head Box. Heavy Division will receive a scoring concession of 1 hit on paper because 308 takes souls.
Divisions are as follows:
Open - Multiple Electronic Optics, No Mag Restrictions
Limited - 1x Optic Only, 30 Round Mags
PCC - Multiple Electronic Optics, No Mag Restrictions
Heavy - 308 Win Only - Single Electronic Optic, No Mag Restrictions
Commie AK - No Bi-Metal Ammo! Multiple Electronic Optics, No Mag Restrictions
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