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Good shooting ranges/locations near Houston, TX?

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I'll be driving down to the Houston, TX area from North Carolina, visiting my with my three grandkids (age 9, 11, and 13) I have not seen in a few years.  Plan to spend a couple weeks with them and looking for a good range or location to take them to provide a day of shooting instruction and fun.  I have plenty of guns, ammo, targets, and range supplies I can bring, not fond of all the potential safety issues with other careless shooters and restrictions found at most public shooting ranges.  Willing to drive 100-200 miles if needed for a good location.  Public or private land where I have permission, or a club where I can get an open bay for a day would be great.  I've got many years of experience training and shooting USPSA, Steel Challenge, and other competitions.  Time to pass on some knowledge to a new generation and see if they have any interest in getting involved in a particular shooting sport.

Any suggestions?

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Land available for shooting in Texas mostly all has a sign out front saying "Gun Range".  It's a side-effect of giving it all away to various people way back in the day; somebody owns all of it until you get way out west.


That said there are ranges near Houston that hold matches so those would be the first ones to try.  IDK the details about any of them for private use, but we've got plenty of Houston-area shooters on here.



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