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Looking for experienced 2011 smith in PA


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I'm looking for an experienced 2011 gunsmith in PA, preferably in the Philadelphia area but willing to travel for the right person.  I have an open build that's not quite right... occasional jams with 115gr, picky with mags, etc.  Nothing that unusual but I'm looking for someone with experience to look it over.


I did some searching and it appears a lot of the recommended shops have closed or retired over the past few years - Gans, EGW, Garthwaite.  


Hoping not to have to send it away, but if it comes to that... are there any recommendations for shops who take on this type of work rather than ground-up builds?
 - Dave

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That's a great suggestion - thanks.


Do you happen to know if he does general gunsmithing besides work on his own builds?  I sent a message a few days ago but haven't heard back.  I wonder if this isn't the type of thing they'd want to take on.

 - Dave

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Charles Fosnocht

155 Red Corner Road
Douglasville, PA  19518

(610) 953-3172


He's good.  I had him work on my guns before I decided to build and maintain my own.  He is always backed up, sometimes for 6 months.


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