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A few days ago I bought a pair of 12x50 vortex diamondback binos on OpticsPlanet. They were running a 10% off sale so I figured I’d get them for my mother for her birthday next week. Today I stopped into a tiny little gun shop and they had the same pair for the same price. I commented to the gal behind the counter and she said that Vortex sets the same pricing for big box stores as little mom and pop shops regardless of the volume of sales. I didn’t know this was a thing. Too bad I didn’t know this sooner or else I would have given them my money instead. 

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Technically… Vortex can only set the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). A dealer can sell for whatever they like.

A manufacturer telling a dealer what they can sell something for gets in to muddy waters quickly with the Federal Trade Commission.  

It’s why many websites use an “add to cart for pricing” or “email for pricing” structure. Once it’s in the cart, it’s considered entering a sale negotiation… and the manufacturer can get it legal hot water fast for meddling in that. 

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