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FTP dot compatibility

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14 hours ago, OpenshooterAclass4lyfe said:

Can anyone confirm if an FTP will fit the same mount as a romeo 3 xl? 

The FTP Alpha 3 is slightly longer both forward and rearward of the Romeo 3 XL/Max. So if this is going on an open gun using a cheely mount you need to do just a little bit of filing at the front of the mount where the shield part transitions to the flap part the dot sits on. It's very easy. If you look through the thread on the Alpha 3 in the open gun forum I have some very good pictures posted detailing where to file. 


If you want to put it on a slide that specifically cut for a Romeo 3xl/max it won't fit without a fair ammount of filing both at the front and rear. I did it on my tanfo stock 2 that was previously cut for a Romeo 3max. It's a not a lot of filing but it is needed. 


If mounting using a plate I know CZC has a specific plate for the Romeo 3xl/max and Alpha 3 that raises the sight base above the top of the slide. FTP also has a plate for the optic ready CZ Shadow 2 and the optic ready Caniks. If using it on a Sig p320 legion, not the max, I used the Outer impact plate and it worked 100%. 


If you have any other specific questions feel free to message as I probably won't check here. 


I will say it's my go to dot for comp guns. I had one on my legion. I have one on my tanfo stock 2, CZC A01LD, and my open gun. One of them is a refurbished one I bought from FTP when they didn't have any new ones and no issues one any of them. I have 3 of them and probably will get one more for my back up open gun. 

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