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Setting up Mk7 Power Trim Xpress

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I just got my Power Trim Xpress and I need help setting it up. I’ll be using it for .223 so I bought the Lyman Pro Trim die for .223, but the end mill Mk7 sent is .3755 dia. There is no way that mill is going though the hole in top of the trim die as the case is certainly not coming out the top. BTW I’m setting up Hornady lock n load 223 REM Modified Case. So either I’m missing something big or they mailed me the wrong end mill. Of course this is assuming the mill is supposed to enter into the top hole of the trim die. If anyone has set up for .223 please ping me. Thanks, Alan


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5 hours ago, Sincerd said:

How do you like it? Have you ran an rt1500 for comparison?

I liked it so much I returned it! A good friend of mine and a reloading instructor said about 2 years ago to buy once and cry once...so I ordered a Giraud power trimmer. I needed to see the Mk7 one as I started the conversation with Misty over 3 years ago about it when it was still an idea at Mk7, but once I got it I knew I did not want to limit myself to one caliber (without a bunch of set up each time) so I got what I should have 2 years ago when I told my reloading friend about it and he said "just buy a Giraud". 

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7 hours ago, Sincerd said:

If that's what your doing, I'd totally agree but it shines as 300blk conversions or bulk trimming. Really the whole press is terrible if you not running somewhat bulk runs. 

I don’t shoot 300 and I really don’t want to get into another caliber. I used to load .380, 9, 40 and 45. Dropped all bar 9. Used to shoot a lot more so the Evo was/is good as you said for bulk. I have a 750 for processing, might sell my Evo! If I lived in a free state where cans are legal for regular humans I’d start doing 300, but for now I’m stuck in Commichusetts! But, I have a few .223 and enjoy shooting them so I figured I’d start reading for it. However, I also have a 7mm and a few 303 so the Giraud will work for all. We’ll see how it goes….whenever it shows up. 

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