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Replacing bolt carrier link on a Benelli M2


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On 8/4/2022 at 7:19 PM, kurtm said:

A hammer, a punch, and a solid surface to work on. Make sure you have the holes pretty well lined up when reinstalling so you don't crack the new one. 


All it takes to get the current link out is to punch out the pin holding it to the carrier group? Jeeze, I thought it was more complicated. Thank you for responding and the tip for when I install the new one!

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14 hours ago, kurtm said:

They can be tighter than panty hose so I recommend a starter punch so you don't bend you longer punch untill you get it drifting. 

Holy hell you weren't kidding. I whacked on it for a good minute with a steel punch and mallet, barely budged it. It looks like it's staked in? 

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