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Hola from SC


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What’s up everyone, 


Been a lurker for quite sometime after researching Atlas and some others 2ish Years ago.  

Im pretty invested in the firearm industry, as well as soft goods, photography,  Merch, patches, & etc. So my job & interest, literally revolve around firearms. 

Purchased an Atlas Athena sometime back and buying an Erebus this week. Figured it would be a good time to join to maybe get back into reloading/etc more in depth info for loads. As well as network some more. I enjoy expanding my horizons and hope I can bring something to the forums as well as learn something. 


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On 8/6/2022 at 1:39 AM, circakraft said:

Rad! Right out of Gilbert. Hopefully bump into ya in the near future 

two solid USPSA matches near you.. 2nd saturday: MCRC in Gaston, and 3rd saturday: PINETUCKY just south of Augusta. Both well run, and plenty of talent.  time to put those Atlas's to work. also of special note is the WAR match in October .. all falling steel - well suited for 9mm minor 2011 dot gun


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