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Anyone try Bang and Clang Coated Bullets?


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Decided to go with Blue Bullets for 250 gr https://thebluebullets.com/product-category/45longcolt/

and 205 gr from https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/bulletselection, both shot very accurately with starting loads of Clays. The 2 different colors made it really easy to tell what was what. And Blue Bullet had a BE forum discount!

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I have purchased two boxes of 500 each in 9mm and 10mm. The bullets vary greatly in weight. The 9mm range from 148-150 gr. (Same lot). I was advised to load them towards the hot end of the recipe for lead bullets, so it would seem prudent to weigh and sort before loading. Since I’m going to use these for range practice, I will probably use data for 150 gr, load a few and test fire, and see how I feel about it.

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