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Rudukai13’s desecrated wheelgun projects - consolidated thread


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Alright, I was thinking about it today and decided that having one thread dedicated to all of my weird/unusual revolver builds would be easier than maintaining multiple separate threads for each different project, especially since it’s looking fairly certain I’m going to be adding at least a couple more revos to violate here in the near future. If you’d like to read up on what’s happened to the guns up to this point, the previous project threads can be found at these links:






Here’s where we currently stand:




As far as the “Abomination” Schofield and “Apache Pug” Knucklegun go, both projects are more or less in finished condition. They’re both verified to still be functional, the sight on the Schofield has been zeroed, and the Knucklegun has proven it can dish out some impact damage on a block of ice.


At this point I’m just futzing around with the details some. To that end, I received the PDX1 JHP 45 Colt rounds I’d ordered for the Schofield today and have placed the rounds in the quivers where they’re supposed to go. I’ve been having a bit of difficulty (some of which was entirely my fault) with getting a pair of aftermarket grips for the Pug that properly fit the frame, and wanting to bring the two guns closer together aesthetically I decided to order new grips for both guns last night.


The Schofield will be getting some LS Grips white mother of pearl panels which is made by the same company that made the maple floral scroll grips it’s currently wearing, so I have no concerns that the new pearl grips will mount right up to the Schofield with no issues.


For the Pug, I also ordered a set of white mother of pearl grip panels which are coming from NAA themselves. The stock un-checkered rosewood grips are the ones that have fit the best on the Knucklegun of all the grips I’ve tried so far, and I imagine another set directly from the OEM manufacturer should mount right up with no problems.


That will give both revolvers the common visual cues of a color case hardened frame with white mother of pearl grips, which I’ve decided will be the continuous thread running through all of my future SA revolver builds as well.


Speaking of future SA revolver builds, currently in the scheming/planning stages is a project to build an identical pair of Cimarron Thunderer guns, specifically the 4.5” 45 Colt variants:




That build will be guided by inspiration from Sylvester Stallone’s “Ace in the Hole” revolver from The Expendables trilogy, The Gunslinger’s dual revolvers from The Dark Tower series, and more than a little bit of Cyberpunk 2077 for my particular brand of unusual cool.


Further updates on both the Schofield and Pug will be posted in this thread, and the build of the matched Thunderer pair will be chronicled here when it happens. Feel free to ask any questions you have and stand by for more!

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Got the guns out to the range again after being sick the last few weeks. Just ran a few more cylinders through each revo, no issues with either whatsoever. The Schofield is impressively accurate, after 18 rounds every round was touching on the target save for one. The barrel shroud does seem to deflect a bit more of the cylinder gap blast back towards the shooter, and my right hand got a good peppering with each shot. Perhaps not ideal, but not a huge detriment. I also gave both wheelguns a thorough once-over at home to check all the pins and make sure all screws were tight, which they were. At this point I think the actual shooting of both revolvers will be relegated to special occasions and they’ll serve as display pieces going forward. I’m going to have to find a large enough stand/case to put them in - the little wire kickstands I got for photography won’t work with the Schofield, the barrel’s too long for it to balance well



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I did go ahead and order up a Hoptic Longbow single-piece six-round quiver to swap out the independent two-round quivers on the Schofield. I noticed the very front quiver was slightly loose again after shooting today. The single-piece quiver will help with making sure they’re all properly aligned and spaced as well, should look a little cleaner

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Got the Hoptic Longbow in and installed, it’s much more solid than having the three individual double-round quivers. Also got some pistol display stands in and I think I found the right combination for how to support these two builds:



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We have a display case! And god damn do I have a new appreciation for the practicality of clean rooms, trying to clean off the acrylic box in a house with four dogs in it was migraine-inducing. But the guns have taken their place on display on my desk, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out!





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Ah s#!t, made a discovery during my random early-morning googling that’s causing some recalibration here. Turns out there’s a company that makes brass grip frames in the Lightning hump-back style for Ruger New Model Blackhawks:




With that, I can use 4” 45 Colt Blackhawks as the base for the next builds rather than the Cimarron Thunderers, which means I can use this scope rail without any modification necessary:




That significantly simplifies the build from the perspective of the base guns and how to incorporate some Cyberpunk electronics into some SAO revolver old-school cool…


I think I’m going to take that route rather than the Cimarron Thunderers. It might cost more in aftermarket parts, but the labor cost and waiting time will be much less not having to modify the Cimarron wheelguns to work with the Blackhawk scope mount. The only trick is going to be finding two 4” 45 Colt Blackhawks in stock anywhere…Maybe even a pair of the Wiley Clapp Carryhawk version?



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So…I think I’m gonna change it up a bit and do the next build on a Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull. I have a good idea of what I want to do and how it can be done. The dual-wielded Blackhawks will still happen, just a little later on. And I think I’ll be building them on Bisley frames rather than modifying them for Lightning grips

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