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Lots of new 3D Stage stuff added


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  • 3-Gun Kit
    • VTAC barricade
    • Gun drop barrels
    • Gun staging boxes
    • Clay pigeons
    • A-Frame platform
  • DIY Hardcover Targets
    • Save a pile of money by making your own hardcover. These are the same items that we weld to the targets and sell as hardcover. Use your own adhesive or double-stick tape
  • DIY Stacking Targets
    • Create doubles, peak-a-boo no-shoots, or any other abomination that your shooters will love
  • Stomp Pads
  • 6ft Wall Kits
  • IPSC steel - full-size and mini poppers
  • Max Trap target stand
  • 45 degree target stand
  • Polish Plate Rack


Now is the perfect time to use your 30% off coupon that came with your kit purchase!



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These are a great product. I finally broke down and bought a kit and quickly realized this is the way to go if you are not savvy enough to grasp sketchup. This is almost fun to play around with.

 I bought a bunch of extra stuff today so I can glue barrels together, poppers to the bases etc.


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