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ramshot zip loads


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I will be using Ramshot zip for my 45 ACP loads using bullets from

Bayou bullets lead

45 ACP 185 Gr. SWC

 Ramshots zip manual list starting loads from 4.5 grains to 6.6 grains using different types of 185 grain bullets. 

I do have a reloading manual for Win 231

which I read is the same as ramshot  zip.

So where should I start my loads at?  Thanks

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I would check the load data for the velocity you want and go from there. Usually with a new powder (for me) I will start in the middle. If you are going to chrono these start at the bottom and work your way up in half grain loads.

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What are you going to do with this ammo?  Bullseye?  Plinking?  Bowling Pins or Plates?  What pistol are these to be fired in?  


Peak accuracy is usually achieved a bit over 700 fps in the 1911.  You want much higher velocity for knocking down Bowling Pins, but sometimes not so much for steel plates.  


I believe that 231 is made in the St Marks, Florida plant, and Zip is imported from Belgium.  


Winchester 231 actually is the same as HP38, in the same factory.  

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