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.40 Syntech in a TSO


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I've used it before and it runs fine. A bit snappy for my taste, much prefer my softer reloads. No need to change out the spring for it to cycle properly but if it is going to be your dedicated match ammo or whatnot I'd pick the spring that gives you the best return to zero 

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I wouldnt call 200+ grain anything snappy. They chug that slide pretty slow. I prefer 180s and of all things, really liked the lighter syntech when I was fooling around with factory weights upon first getting the TSO. ive settled on a 180gr blue bullets with sport pistol now though.

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I was using 165's syntechs which I found pretty snappy out of my tso (at least in comparison to my reloads). I really my error now, OP was asking about 200 gn. 


Regardless of the weight they run well in the TSO and would probably be my go to if I shot factory. 

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