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My New Steel Challenge Gun. I love Revolvers.


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I shoot RFPO with a Volquartsen Black Mamba most of the time but for about 1/2 the year I shoot my 10 shot S&W 617.  I just love the feel of the revolver. I'm more accurate and my times have been faster.


I'm stubborn.  I've been shooting Revolver for almost 50 years and for me, it's hard to switch.


I have been using a 6 inch 617 but wanted a 4 inch.  I just found one on another board for a decent price. I sold my safe queen Mark III Hunter to finance my new purchase and came out o.k. in the deal.


Trigger pull is a little heavy at 11 pounds on my Lyman digital scale but I intend to put a RevUp Action kit in it when they become available.  For now I'm just going to replace the rebound spring with an 11 pound one and play with the mainspring.  I just want to smooth it out a bit.  Smooth is better than light.


Here's the 4 inch sans red dot for now.  I have a Bushnell Fast Strike 2.0 for it with a 3 MOA dot.  I also have a C-More Railway with 12 MOA that I may uses if I can't get use to the smaller dot.



4 inch sstock facing  right.jpg

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