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Taran magwell for M&P 1.0... modification needed?


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I recently purchased a Taran Tactical magwell for my M&P Pro (1.0).  When trying to install it, I'm noticing there is a bit of a gap between the back of the gun and the magwell. I'm wondering, do I have to do a bit of modification to the base of my M&P grip so the magwell will fully seat?  Anyone have any experience with their magwells?


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On 7/29/2022 at 7:00 PM, AK-Monkey said:

I have a TTI magwell on my 5 inch Pro and there is not a gap in back after it was installed. I do recall it was a very tight fit to get on. 


What did you do to install it?  Did you install the post first, then put the base on?


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