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Being Prepared For 113 Temperature


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I was a little apprehensive about shooting today's Steel Challenge Match knowing it was going to hit 113 degrees but I think I went prepared.


One of our local clubs, The Deer Tribe, hosts the SC match on the 2nd Sunday of every month.  Cactus Match League shoots their SC match on the third Sunday so I get to shoot twice a month and I try not to let the weather bother me.


Last month it was 113 and beat me to death.  I drank water and had a chilly vest on but it wasn't enough and I got heat exhaustion by the time I made it home.  This morning I prepared.  I started drinking water at 4 a.m., the match started at 9.  I added a few salt tablets and some electrolytes.


I packed 4 bottles of Gatorade, 4 bottles of water and a few packets of electrolytes to put in the water.  I also took my chilly vest, ice vest cooling towels, do rag, fan hat and lots of ice.  One of my vests gets submerged in water over night and is used as an evap cooler during the day.  It helps a lot and I use one of the bottles of water at the end of the match to pour over the vest for added protection.  I also wear whetting shirts and today I wore a long sleeve shirt and long pants to help reduce the effects of heat.


I still need to ride my bike more to build up my legs because there is a lot of walking involved with the 8 stages stretched out across the desert.  I have to remember that it was only three years ago I was wheelchair bound and one of the club members rolled me around from stage to stage.  I'm getting better but I ride a stationary bike about 20 miles a day to build up my strength.  Thanks David Richerts.


When the match was over I sat in my van and had another bottle of electolytes before even thinking of driving.  It worked and when I got home I was refreshed enough to empty the car instead of having to wait until the next morning.


Next week is supposed to be as warm.I have to thank Paul Piernaccini for letting me sit under his umbrella and using his portable air conditioner throughout the matchs.  I'm sure that without his help I would have to not shoot in the warmer weather. 


I hope everyone keeps hydrated at their summer matches and uses whatever they can to eliminate the dangers of heat stroke and exhaustion.  I get my equipment from My Cooling Store and they have a very good selection to choose from.





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I don't deal with heat as high as you do, but with our high humidity, our "feel like temperatures" often gets 100 degrees.  I was told to make sure you drink plenty of water the day before the event and continue drinking during the day of the match. So far, it's worked for me.

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