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Training for my first match


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I've been pretty disappointed in my shooting lately, so I went to a steel challenge match as a spectator. I had a great time so I signed up for the next match. Now motivated, I've been doing dry fire practice every day. My dry fire practice has been coming out of the holster, concentrating on my grip and trigger press for the double action first shot. At the range I set up a paper target and a steel plate. I loaded three mags. The first was from the holster, double action on the paper target, concentrating on grip & trigger press, not on speed at all.

The second mag was out of the holster with a double action shot on the paper and then a quick single action shot on the steel. The third mag was a quick double action shot on steel with a quick follow up on the paper target. Overall 250 rounds. I shanked a few but 1000% better than two weeks ago.


Am I correct in thinking the first double action shot is what I should be spending the most time on as it sets the tone for the rest of the shots? This week I'm going to add another paper target and another steel plate Is that too much too soon?



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A good draw is vital for steel challenge.   Get a solid grip and foundation and trigger control and work from there.  Put some target transitions in to keep yourself honest.  Once you have the fundamentals down you can setup the stages or approximations thereof to work on the nuances of the shooting order.  Run it on a timer or timer app to give yourself a bit of pressure.



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