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Ruger PCC vs Budget AR9 - SuperSetCA

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I was trying decide between those 2 exact guns. I was lucky enough to shoot both this week and I went with the Ruger (except the 19115 model without the pistol grip). My reasons were:


1) Most importantly is was completely flawless in terms of reliability


2) It was substantially softer and flatter while also having a quicker impulse


3) It was quite a bit cheaper


4) I prefer the rifle grip


The things that made me consider the AR platform the most were:


1) The weight and balance of the Ruger is not ideal


2) The mag release for the Ruger is much worse


The weight is something I'm just going to have to accept, but the extended mag releases (particularly the one that is just a big button) for the Ruger seem to do a lot to alleviate this issue



In the end, my 3 biggest priorities we're reliability, price, and how well I shot it. Ruger won all 3 for me. 


The video seems to have about the same conclusions I did. One thing I'm curious about is how the recoil would compare against an optimally set up AR9. 

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