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I was testing new bullets in my GenII MPX this aft (Blue 125 RN), and thought I would try a new zero distance. 


I’ve seen a lot of questions about what distance to zero. And of course, it depends. It depends on what game you are shooting, avg dist, etc.  


I shoot only USPSA, and most bays/stages have the longest shot maybe 25 yds, which is probably pretty typical. 


The first pic is a 10 yd zero, second pic is 12 yd zero.  The 12 yd zero allows basically a POA/POI at 10-15 yds. This was very enlightening for me. (All were shot from a rest. )


The 1.5” hold over for close head A’s should be pretty easy to do. 



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1 hour ago, 021411 said:

What’s the velocity on the load? 

About 140 PF. Previous load avg 1112 fps mv, was a 125TC  @ 1.135. This was a 125RN @ 1.100. Same powder charge, 3.7 Clean Shot. Will chrono this one soon. 

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