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Hello from Massachusetts


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Thank you thormx538. Lets assume that I live in Massachusetts (i do) and that want to shoot at Pioneer's in NH (which I most certainly want to). Can I own and keep " high capacity" 2011 pistol in Massachusetts without the "high capacity" mags? If so, do I keep the mags in NH and the pistol in MA? GOSH, can I even buy a 2011 in MA if I promise not to have a high capacity mag?


As you probably noticed, I just moved to Massachusetts......



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You can own a 2011 in MA. No problem there.  Some are even on the EOPS list. Otherwise private sale is the way to go. 


You can even possess standard/high cap mags if they are pre ban (pre 1994) 


If they are post 94 then you would need to keep them out of state 

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