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  1. Since they're aluminum and a Carry config, they must be lighter than the TXG grip. I know I've mentioned it countless times but it'd be cool if they'd do a carbon steel one for an Open gun haha
  2. Wow, that's a pretty cool idea. Affordable too. May need to rearrange my bench and grab one and hook it up to my casefeeder for swaging and push-through sizing ops
  3. I had issues similar to that but it was related to the tension of the little gate thingy that holds the case in position 2. You mentioned you have aligned everything with the alignment tool, but it may be worth changing the tension on the gate to see if your issues go away. Is it crimped brass?
  4. I used 4.1gr of N320 with 200gr Blues at 1.150" in a 5" Rock Island. It came in at ~163 PF on my crappy chrono but the guy i bought the gun from said he used 4.0 grains with Blues at that same length and made > 165 PF on other chronos, so IDK. I switched to 180gr.
  5. Wow, nice. I brought my Legion in a week ago (whole gun) and haven't heard back from them yet.
  6. You could be right, it's hard to tell. I tried to compare a side shot of my R3 to the one on their site. It's not perfect, I had to flip my image because it was taken from the other side (only one I had saved on my phone and my gun is back at Sig right now) and it's not perfectly flat so there's some perspective introduced.
  7. The optic still gets burnt from the power, but the glass doesn't get obscured too badly. I sent mine back for a new barrel regardless. This was 120 rounds
  8. I didn't even think about that, it makes sense. I have a regular X5 too but it has a non LCI barrel.
  9. I dropped my Legion off at the Pro Shop yesterday to get the barrel swapped. The guy working mentioned his regular X5 had the LCI barrel and that he didn't have any problems with it getting on the optic. I have a Romeo 3 on a Springer plate on my Legion and the powder burns on the optic body were definitely noticeable after the first mag or two. The glass wasn't that bad though.
  10. I own several 320s and basically the only aftermarket grip I'd be interested in is a full size one that allowed the use of an optic mount to build an Open 320. I don't dislike anything about the Legion grip ergos, I just want something with a stiff dust cover. I guess if I'm being picky, making it work with STI magwells would be cool.
  11. The grip tape Springer sells has the Sig logo cut out. I haven't had any problems with it. https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Sig-P320-X5-Grip-Tape-Solid-Wrap-SP5019.htm
  12. My guess is he hasn't sent the 40 slide back in for the voluntary upgrade yet I have a 40 top end with Dawson sights that I've shot with the TXG grip and magwell. I haven't shot a match with it, but it's just shy of 46oz with a 14rd mag + Springer extension. Only holds 18rd with Grams internals unfortunately. Many people on here can fit 19 though. It handles pretty well though, the beavertail and ability to get high on the grip plus the weight helps a lot compared to a standard non x-grip full size 40.
  13. thormx538

    P320 X5 Thread

    You can buy the springs by themselves from Osage (out of stock), or Shooter's Connection used to have them too
  14. I cleaned mine for the first time yesterday because it rained all match and the gun was soaked. About 2500 rounds through it. I didn't even have to use any solvents, everything just wiped clean quickly with paper towels and q tips. Sig has their P320 Parts Picker website for small parts: https://www.sigsauer.com/p320-parts-picker/ ; I don't think anything in the X5 is unique (besides the trigger and RSA). MGW also sells small parts: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/sig-sauer-p320/parts.html
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