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  1. P365 for carry. Rifle for home defense. Enjoy the Maurader as is
  2. The front of the pad is flush with the magwell, and the rear sits about 0.250" proud. You can see the angle of them in the picture on Dawson's site pretty well.
  3. Not sure on whether or not anyone makes safeties with that retainer style. If not, I would just replace the sear pin with a standard one (or modify yours) and then add the notch to the back of the right side grip to capture it. I think you'd have a easier time with that versus trying to retrofit a right side safety designed to be retained by the grip to be retained by the extended sear pin.
  4. The sear pin has a little notch in it that the safety gets captured by. You pull the left side out first, then rotate the right side up and out of the notch of the sear pin and remove it. I actually like that method more than the ones that are captured by the grips.
  5. I forgot to check last night, but I think they are basically flush with the magwell when seated. I've never had an issue with seating mags though. I will confirm tonight.
  6. What is your setup? I run those basepads on CMC Powermags in my Sig Max that has a Dawson ICE standard gap magwell and it works perfectly.
  7. Is this not what you need? https://dawsonprecision.com/basepad-1911-for-chip-mccormick-power-mags-extended-to-fit-uspsa-box-by-dawson/
  8. What's the deck height like on the BM frames? I know you used to need to use a shim with the L10 frames on the Matrix rail cutter because the deck was short, but I hear that's not the case anymore? I reached out to BM asking about deck height but never heard back.
  9. Yup, they are basically identical to factory mags.
  10. Seems like the ended all the Para stuff about 2 years ago. I remember buying the toolless extended basepads from them brand new back in 2016/2017, and then when I tried to get more in early 2018 they were discontinued.
  11. Which 226 Legion submodel did you go with? ETA nevermind, I missed the part in the OP about USPSA Production approved
  12. I'm curious to see how the optic mount works, re: ejection and maintaining zero. It's basically an Open P320.
  13. Depends on how much you want to spend. Fusion and TR-Enabling (Remsport) sell blank slides. Same with Caspian. I think RIA actually sells a 9mm bull barrel slide with LPA sights, like the .40 one your gun came with. Check Hooper Gun Works out, they sell a lot on their site and on Ebay. Or find a pre-cut slide at Shooter's Connection that you like.
  14. I've never tried running a 9mm barrel on a .40 breech face so I can't comment personally. The location/size of the mag catch hole is slightly different on the Para and STI pattern mags. MBX Para mags are going to be for the Para style mag catch, but the Dawson is STI pattern I think? I could never get my Rock Island running on STI mags, even with a conversion mag catch designed to run STI mags in a Para gun. The mags that come with the Rock Island have modified feed lips compared to a standard Mec Gar Para mag, and they are a hair longer too. It took me a while and a lo
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