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  1. Pioneer Sportsmen is a little over an hour north in Dunbarton NH, they have excellent IDPA and USPSA programs.
  2. Just wondering if there was any resolution on this -- do standard 1911 springs (like Wolff) work in the Legion, even though the springs that ship with the Legion are longer? I see Sig has replacement springs available now -- I was just curious.
  3. I asked in the ETS industry forum on arf, and ETS said the 21rd ones just fit in the mag gauge in stock trim. So they'd probably need a very thin Glock basepad to work. They said the 17 and 15rd ones work with X-Frames They also said the Sig mags tend to not drop free when they are partially loaded, but do when empty.
  4. thormx538

    P320 X5 Thread

    I made an 80% FCU and thought I botched it when I dry fired the first time because that was the first 320 I noticed the slide movement on haha. But once a mag is inserted it looks the same as any other.
  5. Yeah in my case it isn't the gun holding me back. I'm a B/C shooter. And I shoot Limited so infrequently since switching to CO, that being able to just swap the upper and have everything else be consistent is nice.
  6. Yep. And the full size slides fit into the X5 holsters just fine. I have two different belts set up with an RHT for each but there is no need for this other than me liking to buy gear
  7. Ah, interesting. I was denting rounds trying to get 18 in with my Lula before changing to the Grams follower/spring. I'll load/unload them to 19 a bunch and see if it seems like I can squeak 20 in.
  8. Factory meaning 14rd or 18rd?
  9. So I just got a Grams follower kit for my 14rd mag + 140mm Springer extension, and it bumped the capacity up from 17 to 19 rounds, reloadable.
  10. Cool. I'll pay attention to your Nemesis thread. I noticed whatever it is, it's coming from Atlas
  11. Most likely you will be OK, but I do recall seeing a few posts on here or Sigtalk where people were seeing just under 3lb. I'd say the vast majority are over 3lb though.
  12. I finished up a 12k case not too long ago. The only thing I couldn't get them to work for 100% was a G34 with a 13lb recoil spring and 4lb striker spring. Worked fine with the stock striker spring, and in the ~10-15 other guns I used them in.
  13. Good info, thanks. Hopefully the mag bodies are sized so that there is a commonly available path to a 126, 140 or 170mm magazine; ie, they didn't make the Sig mag a few mm longer than the Glock one, making it nearly impossible to use any of the Glock aluminum pads and meet the length requirement.
  14. I have a .40 full size top end for my tungsten lower. The upper has Dawson sights and a stainless guide rod and 16lb spring. I haven't messed with it too much but it's 45.5oz with an empty mag on my tungsten lower (w/ standard magwell and grip weight, GG trigger, grip tape, and GoGuns *thumb rest [generic]*). I use the 14rd full size mags, with the Springer 140mm base pads. Only gets me 17rd.
  15. I can fit 22 in all of my 21rd mags, with stock spring/follower and a Springer basepad. I've done a 22+1 start plenty of times. They're all easily reloadable with 21.
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