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  1. Figured there had to be some downside to that with 9mm Major, either in terms of tuning (reciprocating mass, ejection, etc) or lifespan of the optic. Slide mount would also preclude a C-More from being used
  2. The TXG grip module has me thinking about a 320 Open gun project again, for fun. Plenty of options for comps and barrels, but does anyone know of a fixed mounting system for the optic? I'd imagine you could drill/tap the FCU for rigidity (there's a lot of real estate on the left side, and a little bit on the right), but the question is whether or not something exists already for this or if I'd have to prototype/modify an existing one (such as modifying a Carver XDM mount, or an SJC/ALG Glock mount) I've seen a "Neumount" rail mounted one made in the past but they seem to be out of business now
  3. thormx538

    320 tactical

    Do you have a link for the "tactical" model in question? SIG changes stuff up often. If you are comparing the older TACOPS Full to the RX; basically they're the same except the TACOPS is not cut for a red dot sight (320RX comes with a Romeo 1), does not have suppressor sights, and it comes with 21rd mags. The TACOPS Carry is their "Carry" size which means Compact slide on a Full grip, plus a threaded barrel and suppressor sights. Slide is not cut for a red dot.
  4. Just ordered one from SWFA, $253 shipped w/ magwell and weight.
  5. True. I mean as long as you're not doing it on a TXG frame or something with custom work already, they're pretty cheap to replace if it goes totally south and ruins the frame
  6. I wonder if you could just build one with epoxy? Like place a ball of painters tape over the takedown lever shaft on the right side (to create a void) and build up epoxy on the frame, and file down to fit your thumb?
  7. Coincidentally I was looking around for new info on these last week and couldn't find any
  8. One more thing to mention, Pioneer does practices (pistol/PCC only) on Tuesday nights. 5$ and open to the public.
  9. Looks like a silicone carbide grip job If you look here you will find some links. Alma has some good videos specific to the P320 in the big X5 thread (or just go on his Youtube and look)
  10. I don't have any problems dry firing with no mag in the gun. Although, I took my gun apart at a safe table on Saturday though after a jam (ammo related) and when I first put the slide back on, it wouldn't reset the striker - just had a springy trigger. I removed and reinstalled the slide again and it was fine. Someone in my squad mentioned this happens with 320s occasionally -- not sure the truth on that as it was the first time I'd ever experienced it.
  11. Not intentionally. I'll try tonight. I have a match tomorrow so I was going to practice draws/dry fire tonight anyways.
  12. Yup, it has to be ground. I asked a buddy of mine if he'd turn a piece of tungsten rod down on his garage lathe for me to 1911 guide rod dimensions since it'd be about $20 of stock vs. a $100 guide rod, and he just laughed at me
  13. For 3 Gun, look at either Pemigewasset Fish and Game in Holderness, or Pioneer Sportsmen in Dunbarton. They are on Practiscore and FB.
  14. thormx538

    P320 X5 Thread

    Mine interfered slightly, but it only took a few seconds with the heat gun to remedy.
  15. Man if you think that's bad, I live minutes from the Pro Shop and when they were doing the $199 Romeo 1's, I couldn't just walk in there and buy one. I had to order it online, and have it shipped from their Exeter location (still only like 20 minutes away) and it took something like 6 or 7 days from the time I placed the order until I received it
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