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FX-9 Bolt Release lever or mechanisims

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I recently purchased a FX-9, and have loved it.  But, I wanted to add my Magpul B.A.D. lever to aid in quicker and easier bolt release, but found it will not fit.

Has anyone found any bolt release levers or mechanisms to use in place of the factory one that can be used from the right side (ambidextrous bolt release)?

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Unfortunately there are not any viable options out there as all of the stuff on the lower is proprietary. I dont even think a standard AR safety will even work in it either. The only upgrades that I have been able to do is adding a Techwell, a CMC PCC trigger, and the upgraded charging handle bought directly from Freedom Ordinance.

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I just swapped out the single-sided safety with an ambi AR safety that I picked up at a gunshow.  No problem with the safety function... but the lever is the same length on both sides and hits my hand with my normal strong hand grip.  Gotta fix my hand position or perhaps grind down the right side lever. :) 

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