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Romeo 1 won't zero vertically on M&P slide


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Hey there...


Just put a Romeo 1 red dot on my M&P 9 using the Sig dove tail plate mount.  (the slide has not been milled, red dot sits on top of slide).  I can't adjust the vertical zero far enough to zero the gun. With the vertical elevation maxed out, I am still a good 1.5" -2" inches low at 15 yards.


Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with the romeo 1.  I previously had this mounted to my Glock G34 and it zeroed just fine.  Wondering if they make some sort of wedge I could install on the red dot plate mount to cant the red dot a bit down so I could zero the gun vertically.


Hope this makes sense.. Hopefully there is an answer out there.



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Sent the R1 back to Sig. The tech determined the vertical adjustment mechanism was broken.  Sending me a replacement R1.  So far I am 0 for 2.  My first R1 had an electrical problem that burned thru batteries in 4 days..  Hoping the third time is the charm on this one.  Looking at the Holosun 507C for my other gun. 

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