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Loading data for 147gr CMJ RN for supressed PCC - Quickload Confusion


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So i'm trying to find good loading data for my situation.

I want to load 9x19mm with the following components but there is an issue with people reporting loads that are way higher than what programs like quickload and gordons deem safe.

Bullet: Frontier CMJ 147gr round nose
OAL: 1.135"
Powder: 3.4gr VV N320

So from what i've been reading people report that 3.4 - 3.5 grain should work the best for the purpose of suppressed pistol caliber carbine usage but 3.4 is barely under the 35k psi limit and 3.5 dangerously at the limit of 35k psi according to quickload and the spiritual successor to it, called "gordons reloading tool". Is that just an issue of those programs being overly cautious or having calculation errors/faulty powder burn data ?

So would i be fine with this load for reliable usage of a suppressed 9mm AR-9 and suppressed Glock 19 or not ?

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QuickLoad is quite lousy tool with straigth walled cartridges. For example Vihtavuori starting loads for 9x19 are dangerously overpressured according to QL. We know they are not dangerous but QL show high pressure anyway.

For bottle necked rifle cartridges QL is the way to go and simulates pressure and calculates muzzle velocity well. For straight walled cartridges it is not so good.

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