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  1. QuickLoad is quite lousy tool with straigth walled cartridges. For example Vihtavuori starting loads for 9x19 are dangerously overpressured according to QL. We know they are not dangerous but QL show high pressure anyway. For bottle necked rifle cartridges QL is the way to go and simulates pressure and calculates muzzle velocity well. For straight walled cartridges it is not so good.
  2. TA338

    CZ Noob questions TS

    My both TS's fit IPSC box just fine wirh alupads and adjustable rear sight and 5.5mm fiber fronr sigth. Barely but they do fit.
  3. Rule #1: Change mags before then slide is locked to the rear becayse you are faster this way.
  4. I strongly believe that tube magazimes in shotguns are going the way Winchester 1873s and 1892s did. Aficionados and people familiar with the old systems will continue using the. Military and police will start switching over to detachable magazines in shotguns because speed loading and switching ammo types with them is so much easier to train to a huge number of recruits not familiar with firearms. Tube shotguns will slowly become the Dodo bird of "social shotguns".
  5. I use Aadmount for my Razor HD II 1-6x24. Very sturdy mount and very high quality.
  6. TA338

    CZ Noob questions TS

    Tolerance stacking can cause all kinds of problems. I have two TS's which do not mind the reversing of mag catch.
  7. TA338

    CZ Noob questions TS

    In my TS 40 S&W mags do not feed 9mms reliably and neither do 9mm mags feed 40 S&Ws. I shoot left handed and the mag catch has been reversed and there are no feeding issues whatsoever either in TS 40 or TS 9mm. BTW CZ TS mags cost only 20 euros (about 20 USD) each in Czech webstore.
  8. Shooting sports is one of safest sports there is and I feel very safe in IPSC competitions because everybody is paying attention to gun safety. Still DQs do happen when people shoot against the clock while moving very fast through the stage. Lähetetty minun D5503 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  9. There are two kinds of action shooters: Those that have been DQ'd and those that will be DQ'd at a later date. Suck it up and move on. Lähetetty minun D5503 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  10. I have shot TS in 9mm for 5 years and bought a TS in 40 year ago. LH mag catch is good for a lefty and you do not need to do to the trigger anything as it is around 2 lbs from the factory. Mags are also very cheap. I can get 4 CZ mags with alupads for the cost of one MBX 2011 mag. Typically you need to replace the rear sight with an adjustable sight to get the gun to fit in IPSC Standard.box with alupads. Do not know about the USPSA Limited rules. The regular plastic mag pads will not last long. Using CZC followers one can have 18 rounds reloable mags. Lähetetty minun D5503 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  11. Tanfos may be durable today but because there was this epidemic failure in QC 5-6 years ago and the local market is small Tanfo never got back to the game in FInland. Their prices are +50% more than comparable CZ´s and because ther lousy QC reputation very seldom any serious competitor buys new Tanfos here anymore. If you buy value for your money you buy CZ here. If you buy ultimate durability and customability and want to compete on the top 10 in Standard or Open you buy a customized STI. Tanfos lost the game and due to our quite strict gun laws nobody wants to buy a lemon that can not be fixed. Those still shooting .40 kal Tanfos do tell me that their gun needs to be rebuilt (mainly triggers,sights and magazines) more or less every 5000 rounds. Maybe they load too heavy loads or do not know what they are doing but have heard the same story from several reputable shooters having shot Tanfos for many years. They still shoot Tanfos because it fits their hands well and the trigger can be prepped very well. This is a bit like Porsche vs Ferrari for daily use. Both go fast but with Porsche (CZ) you can do your daily stuff without having a personal mechanic with you at all times. With Ferrari (Tanfoglio) you have to hire a personal mechanic (Eric Grauffel) to keep your car (gun) running proeprly. If your Tanfo works enjoy it then do not worry about it. Maybe they fixed the issues.
  12. Tanfos have in Europe a long and well earned repuation of cracking frames and slides when you shoot thousands of rounds in competition. CZs break only slide stops from time to time. Tanfos can be made to work extremely well with Eric Grauffel custom parts but that does not help with the frames. In Europe Tanfos were losing markets to CZ big time already before Shadow 2. CZs just plain work.
  13. It is legal for IPSC Production class as we speak and you can check that in the Production list at www.ipsc.org
  14. TA338

    Start Condition

    It is like a safety.belt. It will not prevent an accident but it might diminish the outcome of bad things.
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