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CZ Czechmate Trigger


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A few weeks ago I picked up a brand new Czechmate and ran it in a couple practice sessions and then took it to Indiana Section.  I would notice that occasionally running it fast that I would get almost like a dead trigger where I pull it to the rear and the gun doesn't go off.  Let my finger off the trigger and then pull again and the gun goes off.  Not real often but something was not right.  At first I attributed it to being a plastic trigger and I was getting a flex out of it.  


Pulled the gun all the way apart last night and since I had a spare aluminum flat trigger in the parts box I figured I would install it.  All of my TSs have aluminum triggers in them and I figured the Czechmate might as well get one too.  To my surprise when I got the trigger out I found little chunks of plastic in the slot where the spring and bar go.  2 little chunks of plastic fell out and I think I found the source of the my ignition issue.  Gun has about 800 rounds of major 9mm on it and the plastic trigger is already falling apart.


Anybody with a Czechmate that is running the factory plastic trigger might want to think about changing to aluminum.  Not sure why CZ is not just putting them in from the get go.  Highest priced CZ and a cheap plastic trigger that falls apart.

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the trigger is ok. it has some flex but u don't need to add loctite wit plastic trigger.

if u want solid feel change it to aluminium.

but if u want to fix your plastic t. u can send it to cz EU they will recycle it  from other Skoda  dashboard.😉

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