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Mark 7 - Rev/Evo Pro & Stacked Priming Port Question

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Those of you with a Rev or Evo Pro & Stacked Priming, what port does the pigtail for the low primer alarm connect to? Can't find any reference to it in the manual?


-- Alex

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Port #1 which is the top right-hand port on the side of the autodrive (the side that the on/off switch is on), is for PrimerSense and if you have SwageSense then it pigtails into that as well.




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Gave Mk7 a call, for those of us that have the Rev with stacked priming, the software package does not have the PrimerSense 'feature' enabled in the code. So, they are working on that and should have something out before the end of the week. Allays my confusion as to why I did not see the option to enable it, only the 'Primer Orientation Sensor'.


Thanks for following up, @Tanfastic

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