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Ammo issues and questions with Gen 5 34


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I finally got a chance to sight in my DPP and test a few other components ive changed since I shot last, The 124gr loads were perfect, but the 147gr loads I tried for the first time had a bunch of failures.


TTI GM Spring/connector kit (4.5# Striker spring)

GS Tungsten guide rod with the 15# spring

TTI +5/6 basepads with +10% spring


Lawman 124 and Fenix 124 both shot 100% reliably on a 15lb recoil spring.


The Fenix 147 subjectively felt like near 50-75% of the recoil but constantly malfunctioned. (Stovepipes, double feed, mis feed)

I did notice that the 147 has much more case bulge on maybe half the casings compared to the always smooth 124.


Now I have a 13# recoil spring which is my guess as to what might fix it, but I had left the stupid thing at home. Am I on the right track with that?


Lastly, are these primer strikes normal? They look odd compared to my other guns.






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To me looks like your striker is dragging alittle . In theory the lighter spring should unlock faster .

but with everything you changed at once hard to tell if its the ammo or gun . Might try the lighter spring and if that doesn't work , put the gun back to stock and change one thing at a time . hope it helps   

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Just in case it was confusing, ONLY the 147gr didn't function. I've also never shot that load before today. The 124 has always been reliable.


My concern with the striker was that it almost looked to me like it hit significantly harder than my cz strikers causing a bulge around the hit. 



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