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Hello from the other OC (Orange County)


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Hello! from the other OC (Orange County), in NYS.  Upstate NY starts here in the Hudson Valley, unfortunately it's still in King Andy Cuomo's state, but fortunately the county isn't as anti-2nd Admt as NYC and it's surrounding counties. 

When looking for information regarding reloading, somehow I always manage to visit this site. 

So I decided to join.

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It seems the Orange county judges are a good group now. The problem seems to be wait times for amendments. Last October I waited 8 weeks for my permit to be ammended with the new pistol listed. 

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2 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

In Ulster, you just bring your license up to Kingston (County Seat - you'd be Goshen)

and they add it while you wait.   


Sure just keep rubbing it in. :)

Orange county requires a judges signature, and pistol amendments are the last thing on their list of things to do. Although it has saved me some money as I'm sure I'd have a few impulse buys, if I could walk out the door with the gun. That's how they do it in free states I hear. 

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You wouldn't believe how they do it here in Florida.


I've shot other people's .22 semi-auto with a suppressor ….    😍


Full auto is NOT illegal  ….    (just impractical due to the cost of ammo).


When you retire, seriously think about Florida    :) 

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