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  1. Foam rolling is extremely important not only for relieving muscle soreness, but also improving range of motion. There is a proper way to “roll out” and YouTube will be your best friend when it comes to rolling out properly. As a CrossFit coach/competitor and personal trainer who’s now active duty in the Navy, rolling out is my go to after any training/intense shooting session. As far as warming up before a match goes, dynamic stretches are your best friend, don’t do isometric stretches before a match. Again if y’all have any fitness related questions about programs, general nutrition ask away.
  2. For sure. I’m hoping I can get my hands on one real soon, and throw some lead with it. Then I’ll make the final decision between the SRO and RMR.
  3. Sounds like you have right idea! You can always tweak your diet, and maybe get in the gym a couple more days a week if you have the time.
  4. Yeah the SRO is my top choice right now, RMR in a close 2nd
  5. I agree. Have you had any experience with the SRO yet? I’m debating between them.
  6. The SRO looks extremely promising. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews, and has higher quality glass with less of the blue tint than the RMR. Probably what I’m gonna go with. I just have to test it out.
  7. Salomon Speed Crosses are my personal favorite. Merrell’s of any style are pretty good, can get them waterproof as well.
  8. It’s all about preference. I personally own an STI and have never had a problem. If you want a completely custom build go for the SV. Go test shoot a couple different models and see what best fits you.
  9. A pair of clear Gatorz is the go to! Durability is unmatched. Can form the actual frames to fit your face. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
  10. Black nitride is the way to go! Most durable thing that I have experienced.
  11. People that sweep far past 180, putting other people’s lives at risk.
  12. A nice throat punch! Just kidding. It’s best to separate yourself from them, if possible. If not just be kind to them and they’ll scratch their heads and shut up.
  13. There’s no need to have a self image. Obviously believe in yourself and your capabilities, but no need to build up an ego. Just be honest with yourself and get better one day at a time.
  14. Yeah man definitely. I can’t deal with California’s laws lol
  15. Arizona actually, but all of my family is from SoCal!
  16. Focus on safety as priority #1 and having fun as priority #2!
  17. Everyday even if it’s only for a few minutes, but if you have the time go for 30 minutes-1 hour on the days that you can
  18. Congrats man! Only up from here.
  19. Awesome man!!! Super encouraging, keep crushing it!
  20. Definitely have to have a separate vacuum for those kinds of endeavors like NoSteel.
  21. It’s not about if the shooters are better or not, but what kind of attitude they have and if they’re spreading positivity or not.
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