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Indoor IDPA DQ


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This happened almost 2 years ago but thought Id share.


All COF were staged to keep shooters from engaging targets at most angles due to the large rectangle that was the indoor range.  We could do some limited angular shooting as long as bullets still made it to the backstop.  Most courses didnt even come close to having angles as this was a fairly beginner/entry level local match and we mostly wanted to have fun.  No one was out to DQ anyone and this was more lighthearted than competitive.


Stage had two real points where you could engage due to barricades with start point at the rear of the range engaging a 21yd target directly in front of you.  We were to then proceed in an exaggerated S movement along the barricade path simulating a hallway to the final shooting position again putting you facing downrange at a much closer target.  The point where I failed was I let a quick comment get the better of me.  Another competitor said "I bet you cant shoot this in X time" and I kind of smirked.  My brain took that as GO FAST.  Buzzer goes off and I draw and sprint to the barricade to engage the 21yd target from slightly further but putting me that much closer to finishing.  In my run I never glanced at the angle of the shots and once I finished my COF (fastest shooter on the stage, BTW) the RO asked if I knew what I did wrong.  I was baffled...I just shot this faster than anyone else.  We checked targets and I had all 0 zone hits...and two blemishes on the cinder block wall behind the 21yd target.  Oops.


Learned my lesson.  Wouldnt have happened on an outdoor range - BUT, did highlight the need to validate what lies beyond my target even in competition.

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