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Thanks to Dillon CS

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Been having a problem with the cases tilting on my 650, been discussed at length in another post. Finally gave up on  bandaid fixes and sent it in to Dillon. Was gone including shipping roughly 2-weeks. Came back like new. Whole page of parts replaced. 


Best of all it works. Ran about 200 9mm rounds last night without a hitch. Feels like new again.


Thanks, Dillon.



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Don't know for sure, they really didn't say. There was a whole page of parts replaced. One thing they did change was they took the EGW U-die out and replaced it with one of theirs. 


I do know the case was tilting way before it ever entered the u-die & I had at least 20K rounds with it installed before this started happening, I put the u-die in the tool head from day 1. So it was not this.


When this started I tried the Dillon decapping/sizing die and it made no difference.  Does work fine with the Dillon decapping/sizing die and I case checked all 200 rounds and they passed. Checked for high primers and all good.


We process a lot once fired range brass with the Glock bulge.



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