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Double Alpha 'Mini' bullet feeder issues!!!!

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Hi all, been using my 'mini' Mr. Bullet Feeder for a year or so now with minimal issues, but lately it has begun to become a real PITA!! Every now and then, say every 10-15 rounds, it fails to drop a bullet into the case mouth, then it will drop one when the shell plate is lowered and knock most of the powder all over hell's half acre!! 

I have cleaned the feeder die repeatedly, raised the height clip, lowered the height clip, adjusted the heck out of everything possible, replaced the 3 ball bearings...and have no idea why it is suddenly making my reloading an exercise in frustration. 

I load 9mm using 125 HP Zero's and 121 RN Campro's, both bullets seem to have the same effects! 





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