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Double Alpha 'Mini' bullet feeder issues!!!!

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Hi all, been using my 'mini' Mr. Bullet Feeder for a year or so now with minimal issues, but lately it has begun to become a real PITA!! Every now and then, say every 10-15 rounds, it fails to drop a bullet into the case mouth, then it will drop one when the shell plate is lowered and knock most of the powder all over hell's half acre!! 

I have cleaned the feeder die repeatedly, raised the height clip, lowered the height clip, adjusted the heck out of everything possible, replaced the 3 ball bearings...and have no idea why it is suddenly making my reloading an exercise in frustration. 

I load 9mm using 125 HP Zero's and 121 RN Campro's, both bullets seem to have the same effects! 





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Most definitely a problem with the feeder die.  The bullet is creating just enough friction with something to not drop.  Most likely some type of crud build up on it.  How are you cleaning it?  I use Hopes #9 on mine.

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