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Repair .22lr magazine?


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Not sure which section to post this in so I figured "gear" would be close.


I recently picked up a 10 round .22lr magazine to use with the conversion kit I have on my full size EAA Witness stainless.  I have other magazines that are fine but this one cycles horribly.  I did a side by side with a good one and it looks like there's a metal seating clip that's missing on the bad one (good one on right):





Does anyone have an idea where I could find a replacement part?  Magazine is essentially useless without it.

If I can't get that part does anyone have a recommendation for a DIY solution?


My daughter wants to use the gun for a (friendly) Steel Challenge match so I'd prefer to fix this one and not buy another.


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My guess is that piece is a reinforcement for the mag catch. I would call EAA, or attempt to make one and epoxy it in.


Your mag must be sitting lower and not feeding properly. Checked all mine, they have the metal piece in them.

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